Gel Nail Colors Promise to Cause Storms by the End of 2021

Girls everywhere are always updated with the latest beauty trends, especially in the nail industry, every day, thousands of unique nail designs are “promoted” by nail designers and this means that a lot of color gel nail polishes are popular and quickly become an indispensable nail color for girls.

Therefore, the hottest nail polish color today must be a problem that many beauty enthusiasts are interested in, especially in the last days of the year, it’s time for girls to “F5” their nail styles to look fresh and more prominent. Understanding that desire, we will update you with a beautiful gel nail color palette leading the trend to help brighthen tone skin extremely effectively. Let’s explore it together!

Top Hottest Gel Nail Polish Colors You Should Try Today!

Do you know the hottest color gel nail polish today? Let’s find out together and choose for yourself a suitable one for your new nail design!

Nude Nail Gel Nail Polish

The leading trend of using gel nail color from last year to this year is nude, which is a gentle and elegant tone. This tone comes in many shades and they are often close to the real nail color.

Therefore, shades of nude will make your hands bright and look very natural but no less luxurious, however, if you feel that your nail set is not very prominent, try to be more creative by pressing a few more strokes, details or rhinestone motifs. Many girls like to paint nude brown tones and leave it plain without any decoration, in my opinion, because they love the simplicity, naturalness and elegance, especially the plain nude nail model.

Evens out the skin tone quite well, creating extremely clean hands. Regardless of whether you have white or dark skin, you can choose this color. Nude nail polish promises to be a good suggestion for girls who pursue a feminine and gentle style and love simplicity!

Orange Gel Nail Polish

One more good suggestion for those who do not know the hottest nail polish color today is earthy orange. The outstanding advantage of this paint color is that it is not picky about skin color. With a variety of different dark and light tones, you can freely choose.

Especially girls who are feminine and like to be fussy and meticulous, they should combine a few stones attached to the nails to create accents for the nail set. On the contrary, if you don’t like the fussiness, just draw a few more stripes. Regardless of whether your style is gentle or personal, orange nail polish will still be the perfect choice.

Earthy Brown Gel Nail Polish Color

It will be a big mistake if you do not try to change your nail set with this color. The one creates a luxurious and extremely noble look. You can comfortably combine with any outfit to go out, date and even party. Brown tones are usually quite dark, so it helps to lift the skin of your hands.

However, if you feel too boring with the whole earthy brown nail, you can stagger another lighter color to create accents and beautiful effects.

Pastel Pink Nail Gel Polish

If you are wondering what color to choose for your new nails, pastel pink will be a good suggestion for you. Soft and sweet, it is quite suitable for teenage girls. Don’t think of it as cheesy as lotus pink. In fact, pastel pink has a lighter color, bringing a bit of youthfulness and personality. Your nail set will look more outstanding when combining pastel pink gel polish with glitter or rhinestones!

Wine Red Gel Nail Polish

Although wine red gel nail polish color is not new, it has not shown any signs of being out of fashion until now. This is the perfect choice for every winter occasion. Although not as prominent as bright red, strange wine red is quite suitable for all skin types, from white to dark skin. In particular, it is also easy to combine with many different nail forms to make nails look more beautiful and impressive.

Green Nail Gel Polish Color

Green is always a color that makes us feel cool and close to nature. Therefore, when you are bored with dazzling colors, you can try to choose green gel polish nails to create a more comfortable and cool feeling for your new nail set, especially in the incoming Christmas, just ” put a pine tree on your hand”, then combine with gift boxes or reindeer images to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere!

Final Thought

The top “hot” nail gel polish colors at the end of this year have been fully and detailed in the above article. These are also the nail tones that are expected to “make waves” in 2021. Hopefully with that useful information, it can help you choose a suitable paint gel color to highlight your nail designs and especially make a good impression in front of everyone.