Powder Dip Nails or Acrylic – Which Is Better?

The debate between dip and acrylic nails will always continue. People always like to know which of the two procedures is better. Dip powder and acrylic nails look almost identical, but they have distinctions. For example, the application process is different, so is their durability. The cost is also a critical factor. So, if you have to decide between powder dip nails and acrylic, you should know the differences. This article dwells on these aspects to compare which of the two procedures is the better option.

What Are Dip Powder Nails?

A dip manicure is achieved by dipping your nails into specific color powders. Alternatively, you can apply dip powder on your nails using a brush until it becomes thick enough. Finally, a top coat seals the manicure to give it the required glossy or matte look.

In many ways, a dip powder manicure mimics an acrylic nail procedure. It can last comfortably for four to five weeks without chipping.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are artificial nails using a combination of a polymer and a monomer. As acrylic nails are external applications, you can create the shape and style you prefer. Moreover, the acrylic manicure is amongst the most durable of all. Besides, you can file them according to your specifications.

Are Acrylic and Dip Powders the Same?

The simple answer to this question is a big NO. Both acrylic and powder dip nails are two distinct procedures. Though they include similar polymers (powders), they are not the same.

Dip powder is odorless, whereas acrylic requires a strong, pungent liquid monomer. Dip powders are refined and specially created to react with the activator used in the manicure.

While dip powders are non-toxic, acrylic manicure requires a strong-smelling liquid monomer.

Compared to the acrylic manicure, powder dip nails are easy to apply and remove.

The dip powder manicures look natural, whereas acrylic nails are artificial.

Both dip powder manicures and acrylic nails are attractive and durable. However, the acrylic manicure is considerably more expensive than the dip powder manicures.

Let us now compare the dip powder and acrylic nail application procedure.

Dip Nails Application Procedure

Prep your nails and apply the base coat to your nails.

Dip your nails in the dipping powder bottle at a 45-degree angle to let the powder stick to the basecoat.

Use a clean brush to dust the powder and apply topcoat layers. The topcoat dries immediately without using the UV lamp.

After the top coat dries off, you can try out nail art and other accessories.

Acrylic Nails Application Procedure

The trick to an excellent acrylic nail application is to size your extensions properly.

Glue the extensions to your nail surface and dry them. The salon technician will use the liquid mix to fill the gaps between your natural nail and the extension.

Buff your nails and smoothen them.

Paint your nails and add a topcoat layer at the end.

The Removal Procedure

Dip powders contain cyanoacrylate that is easy to remove using acetone. The powder layer should slide off easily after soaking the nail in acetone for half an hour.

The acrylic nails are comparatively more challenging to remove because they involve artificial nail extensions. It would help to visit an experienced salon technician to do the job.

Which Is Safer – Dip Powder or Acrylic?

The dip nail powders are the safest of all manicures. They do not use intense-smelling acrylic liquids and cause allergies to the user. In addition, unlike gel polish manicures, dip powder does not require curing under the UV lamp. Hence, there is no exposure to harmful radiation.

In contrast, acrylic nails have their disadvantages. Initially, the acrylic liquid contained methyl methacrylate. Subsequently, this allergen was banned globally. Today, all acrylic nail applications use ethyl methacrylate. However, this solution also has a pungent smell and can use respiratory issues. Therefore, experts advise having an acrylic nail manicure in spacious, airy rooms.

Which Manicure Lasts Longer – Dip Powder of Acrylic?

Both dip powder manicures and acrylic last comfortably long. However, acrylic nails require a salon touch-up after two weeks, whereas dip nails do not. Compared to gel polish, dip nails last conveniently longer. However, much depends on how you get the manicure. A perfect-done dip manicure can easily last for more than four weeks without chipping.

Compared to acrylic, dip powder manicures are more flexible and look natural. However, the best aspect of dipping powder nails is that they last as long as acrylic nails and look as graceful as gel manicures. Besides, they do not restrict the nail’s natural growth.

Final Words

Though powder dip nails and acrylic are excellent manicures, dip powders have gained popularity because of their inherent advantages. Today, you have more women opting for dip powder manicures than any other procedure. Therefore, this article should answer the question as to which of the manicures between dip powder and acrylic is the better option.