Seven Exciting Halloween Color Nail Combinations You Will Love 2022

The Halloween festival looms around the corner as we move towards the fall season. People start preparing for Halloween, and there are discussions on what color clothing and attire one should wear for Halloween and look different from the others. Naturally, the talks will veer toward what nail colors suit Halloween the best. Here are some color combinations perfectly suited for the festival. Kiara Sky nail polish offers an exciting range of nail polish for Halloween 2022 that could extend deep into the winter season and let you welcome the New Year.

Halloween Color Combos

People love to scare others during Halloween by wearing grotesque masks or attire. So, having outrageous color combos on their nails should not be an issue.

Orange – Black combination

Generally, the orange and black nail art design look beautiful, but it is better suited for Halloween. You can try out various combinations of orange and black, like the ombre design where the colors overlap. Alternatively, you can distinguish between black and orange, with each color occupying half the nail surface. The best combination is the French manicure, with the base having an orange hue and the French manicure tip as black.

Zebra Lines design

There should not be any limit to experimentation ideas, especially during Halloween. The primary objective of dressing up for Halloween is to scare the wits out of others. The zebra line design with alternating black and white nail polish should look scary. Depending on your preferences, you can try out the zebra line design with vertical or horizontal lines. You can also try your hand at yellow stripes instead of white. Under such circumstances, it would be better to call the design tiger lines instead of zebra lines.

Orange Glitter on black

Black is the favorite of people during Halloween. Many of them use this color on their nails in various ways. The orange gels beautifully with black and gives a smoldering look, primarily when you use orange glitter on a black nail polish base. However, we suggest not sprinkling the glitter all over the black base but at the edges alone. It gives a flaming appearance and looks beautiful simultaneously. Alternatively, you can try other glitter colors like golden, silver, and even yellow. But, Halloween demands orange. Kiara Sky has a beautiful range of orange shades exclusively for Halloween.

A collage of nail art designs

The best aspect of Halloween is that you need not stick to the basics of nail polish applications. The nature of the festival gives you the license to try out virtually anything on your nail. So, you can have five different nail art designs on each nail and still look beautiful. In addition, the festival offers you the liberty to have as many colors on your nails as possible without looking out of place. I have seen people wear colors as diverse as deep violet and blacks on the nails and still look good.

The Skull design is my favorite

Usually, the primary objective of Halloween is to scare people. There cannot be a better way than using fluorescent skull designs on the nails that glow in the dark and give a menacing look. After all, it is fun, and there are no boundaries to the fun. The best combination is to have a dark base and bright neon nail polish to draw the skull and bones. The beauty of this exquisite design is that it shines in the dark and looks prominent. The skull design can scare your friends out of their wits.

The neon yellow or green paint can look scary

People with darker skin tones can paint their entire nails fluorescent yellow or green. These colors stand out in the dark and look scary, especially if you do not notice the fingers. So, these colors are perfect for Halloween. However, we advise you to remove the paint after the festival and go for a regular nail manicure.

Blood Red is one of the trending Halloween colors

People celebrating Halloween know that splattering blood-red paint on their clothes is the trend. So, you can extend the blood-red colors to your nails and make them look as if you have soaked your fingers in blood. It adds to the spookiness quotient and pairs beautifully with almost all colors. You can try almost any design with blood-red background and have a great time this Halloween.

Final Thoughts

Though many people feel it is too early for Halloween, you can prepare for it by discussing it with friends and family. We suggest you go through the Kiara Sky website to get a feel of the range of exciting colors on display. It enables you to get ready for the festival as it approaches. So, have an excellent time scaring people and beautifying your nails simultaneously.