Kiara Sky Dip Nails: All You Need to Know

The most widely used nail care process for the last two decades is the gel and the acrylic due to their long-lasting properties for more than a week. But, currently, a new nail care process has been discovered which is known as Dip powdered nails, but this has been existing since the 1980s but just being into practice which can last for a month. The dip-nail techniques make use of a pigmented powder.

At first, an adhesive and base layer are applied from your chosen small can colour.

Then, the manicurist will colour the base to the shape of your nail outlines. The product has vitamins which make some people recommend it as the best manicure and distinguished from another manicure like the gel.

Properties of Kiara Sky Dip nails

The Kiara Sky dip nails manicure consists of two features of tools to consider before choosing the best for your nails.

These tools consist of all you need to provide excellent nails coverage than the traditional acrylic methods. (more…)