Why Should You Protect the Bald Head from the UV Rays?

Most men with bald heads deal with itchy pain due to sunburn. According to several skin dermatologists, bald spots can easily get damaged by the harmful effects of UV rays. Moreover, you won’t be able to protect the bald spot without proper care. Once the bald spot gets sunburned, the healing process can take months to show the result.

Protect the Bald Head from the UV Rays

One thing you must remember is that sun rays directly reach our head. Thus, the UV rays can do more harm to our heads compared to the rest of the body. Our regenerative functions and the immune system become weaker when the scalp is regularly exposed to the sun.

How Hair Protects Us from Sunburn?

Our skin on the scalp is more sensitive to UV rays and can become thinner over time. Hair is the best part of our body because it works as a natural form of SPF. The skin under our hair always remains protected from ultraviolet rays. Men who flaunt their mustaches and beards are unconsciously protecting themselves from skin cancer.

You can notice that many men with a body filled with hairs are the most carefree while resting around the beach. Even partial hair loss can make your head vulnerable to sunburn. Hence, you must get sunscreen for bald head than other parts of the body. The men who are vigilant with sunblock will usually sweat more on their bald heads compared to other parts of their bodies.

You must reapply the sunscreen lotion more frequently on the bald head. Although hats can protect the head, most people remove them and don’t realize the risk on a hot sunny day. Once they remove the hat, the UV rays will start the burning process within 15 minutes. Bald spot sunburn can take more than 4 months to start healing. (more…)