Powder Dip Nails or Acrylic – Which Is Better?

The debate between dip and acrylic nails will always continue. People always like to know which of the two procedures is better. Dip powder and acrylic nails look almost identical, but they have distinctions. For example, the application process is different, so is their durability. The cost is also a critical factor. So, if you have to decide between powder dip nails and acrylic, you should know the differences. This article dwells on these aspects to compare which of the two procedures is the better option.

Powder Dip Nails or Acrylic

What Are Dip Powder Nails?

A dip manicure is achieved by dipping your nails into specific color powders. Alternatively, you can apply dip powder on your nails using a brush until it becomes thick enough. Finally, a top coat seals the manicure to give it the required glossy or matte look.

In many ways, a dip powder manicure mimics an acrylic nail procedure. It can last comfortably for four to five weeks without chipping. (more…)