Tips to Make Your Gel Manicure Last Long

Nail manicures have come a long way since the early days when people used organic dyes to beautify their nails. Today, you have a range of exciting products like acrylic polish, gel manicures, dipping powder, etc. The OPI gel color set combo is one of the favorites because of its long-lasting qualities. Here are some tips that can help your gel manicures last long while maintaining your nail’s health simultaneously.

Tips to Make Your Gel Manicure Last Long

Let Nature have its role between two successive gel manicures

Though gel manicure are exciting and beautiful to have, the truth remains that these manicures can weaken your nail. The use of acetone and other nail polish removers can dehydrate the nails and cause the nail plates to become thin. As a result, the nails chip off even when you perform simple tasks like searching for your smartphone inside your purse.

The solution lies in allowing Nature to do its healing job between two manicures. It is advisable to have a gap of around a week or two between your manicures. The nail heals by itself and becomes ready to withstand the next nail manicure.

Avoid picking at peeling nail polish

People have the habit of picking at colors that start to peel off from the nail. It is tempting but you should avoid doing the same. As you pick off the peels, water can tend to seep into the gaps, thus providing a fertile ground for bacterial accumulation. Besides, picking off the gel layer could result in taking off some nail layers with it. Such damage can take a long time to repair.

If your colors start peeling off, it is advisable to visit the nail salon and seek professional assistance.

The quality of the gel and lacquer polish matters a lot

While nail health is crucial, the overall body health is critical. Hence, one should steer clear of the toxic trio, as far as nail polish ingredients are concerned. They include carcinogens like Formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate.

One should make it a habit of looking at the nail polish ingredients before purchasing them. OPI gel polish colors does not contain these harmful chemicals.

Try limiting exposure to UV Light

UV light is a critical aspect of any gel manicure. Gel manicures require curing under a UV lamp. However, many people are sensitive to UV light. Though the UV dose for curing gel manicures is a brief one, it is intense enough to cause discomfort, especially for sensitive people. Over a period, such exposure to UV light can cause skin damage.

Many people feel that a suitable alternative is the use of LED lamps. However, tests have shown that LED lamps use higher intensities of UVA wavelengths to reduce curing times. Hence, you expose your skin to higher UVA concentration. It can be equally hazardous.

The best solution is to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect against UVA and UVB radiations. The use of sunscreen increases the amount of time you spend at the salon, but it helps to protect your skin from damage. You can also try out the special UV gloves that covers the skin and exposes the nail portion alone.

Hot baths and saunas can cause gel polish to lift

Hot water is the worst enemy of gel polish. That explains why people soak gel nails in hot water before removing them. If you have a gel manicure, it is advisable to stay away from hot water and sauna baths. It is better to wear rubber gloves when doing the dishes to protect the gel polish from chipping away.

Improperly cured gel nails require more soaking time

Generally, gel polish lasts for three to four weeks comfortably, especially if you use quality products like OPI gel and lacquer. However, the nail’s natural growth pushes the polish portion out and makes it look ungainly. Therefore, you might have to remove gel polish after about three weeks.

If the curing process is perfect, soaking your nails in acetone for 15 minutes should be enough. Otherwise, the soaking times keep extending until you remove the entire nail polish. The more you expose your nails to acetone, the more harmful it is. Under such circumstances, you might have to use tools to remove gel manicures. It can damage the nail bed.

Massaging your nails and cuticle area with cuticle oil is essential after removing gel manicure

Continuous exposure to acetone and other harmful chemicals dehydrate the nails and the surrounding skin area. Hence, it is crucial to massage the area with cuticle oil. It helps the nails to rehydrate and regain the lost luster.

Other modes of rehydrating include drinking plenty of fluids

One should take care of their diet and include a lot of fluids in it. It helps to rehydrate the nails and keep them healthy. Thus, you prepare the nails for using the next manicure with OPI gel nail lacquer.


These tips discussed above can prove helpful to keep your nails healthy and beautiful at the same time.