Kiara Sky Dip Nails: All You Need to Know

The most widely used nail care process for the last two decades is the gel and the acrylic due to their long-lasting properties for more than a week. But, currently, a new nail care process has been discovered which is known as Dip powdered nails, but this has been existing since the 1980s but just being into practice which can last for a month. The dip-nail techniques make use of a pigmented powder.

At first, an adhesive and base layer are applied from your chosen small can colour.

Then, the manicurist will colour the base to the shape of your nail outlines. The product has vitamins which make some people recommend it as the best manicure and distinguished from another manicure like the gel.

Properties of Kiara Sky Dip nails

The Kiara Sky dip nails manicure consists of two features of tools to consider before choosing the best for your nails.

These tools consist of all you need to provide excellent nails coverage than the traditional acrylic methods.

  1. Dip system tools for a beginner are clear white powder, light, average, and dark pink colour powder, four crucial glazes, boosting oil, the dip can and brush keeper.
  2. Dip colour system tools for beginners: these tools cover all you need to provide a gorgeous dip pattern with overall coverage with three editions colours. Which also enables you to have a rigid, long life span and flexible nails.

All these tools are simple to be used to provide you with permanent feelings, and it is safe and secured for the nail bed. They also protect clipping, colour changes, and are regulated professionally.

Benefits of Kiara Sky dip powder

Although the Kiara dip powder is known as the new manicure techniques which are competing with the acrylic and the gel nail care in durability and long-lasting, so you need to consider the best among the two.

However, we all desire a pure manicure that can last for more than a week. With this the dip powder can guarantee this.

The Kiara dip powder also allows your thin and shattered nail to germinate well and make them appear beautiful.

Also, the application of the Kiara dip powder gives the top of your nails another coat of guidance to protect nail damages while opening a bottle or can.

This Dip powder also won’t lose colour or scratches like other nail varnishes.

However, since the dust has several types of glue-like glaze, you don’t need to apply a manometer to your nails.

Differences between Gel and Kiara Sky Dip Powder

These have been the most frequently asked by most of the users, although the two give a more flexible and permanent feeling than the acrylic they are still different from each other.

  • The dip powder nails doesn’t need the ultraviolet light, which fastens the process of your nail care while the gel varnish needs this.
  • The dip powder and the glue-like glazes used for the process have no smell while the gel varnish provides a sweet smell and at times is unpleasant to be consumed.
  • The dip powder breeze patches and hardens like an acrylic feel after adding the Kiara sky seal while the gel varnish needs some minute to set when wet.

Therefore for simple removal of the dip powder, this is all you have to do.

Like you do to gel, use clean acetone to soak away the dust to have a simple look, glowing long life span, convenience and fast application are other beautiful functions that the gel and the dip powder has in common.


Firstly, you must consider the method used for the powder application, although the nail care gets its name from when the manicurist directly puts your nails into the can plus utilising a brush to colour the nail.

However, this is not hygienic because your nails can contact germs from this process.

So you have to ensure that your nail care technician is varnishing on the layer and adhesive coat but not dipping while doing this method of manicure.


The nail care technician does desire to provide her client with the best and long-lasting nails varnish so as the users would be pleased to have a simple and best nail varnish to open and handle can or bottles.

So the Kiara Sky nail will provide you with all these qualities to make you glow and also grant you the ability to have well-grown nails and to have a beautiful look.

Although, the dip powder needs more tips than the traditional gel nail care techniques, it can be practised in little time at the salon or in your home by yourself at your convenient time.

Basically, the dip powder can last for more than a month on your nails when properly done.